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Forensic Artefacts FrostWire

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FrostWire Version b5

This folder contains five subfolders that contain the actual .torrent files and the actual media that has been downloaded. The subfolders contained within the abovementioned folder are:

•Incomplete: Within this folder, the temporary tracker of the media is saved while in the process of being downloaded, this is the metaphorical bookmark that enables the software to stop and start as the user wishes.
•Saved: This folder contains the artifacts of .torrent files that the user wishes to save- to be able to download at another time.
•Shared: This folder contains all the .torrent trackers that the user has uploaded or created. FrostWirev.5 enables the creation of .torrent trackers.
•Torrent Data: Possibly one of the most important folders, this is where the software saves the actual downloaded media.This is a system automated process, which remains standard.
•Torrent: This folder contains the actual .torrent tracker file, which is the tracker and that is created to download the requested item. For each item downloaded, two entries are created -A .torrent file is created that contain the creation time, the SHA 1 value of the downloaded item, and from where it was downloaded. The second entry created is in unallocated space, which contains the exact same information.

This folder essentially contains a few very important artifacts, which contain important evidentiary information on what was downloaded.

•Createtimes.cache: This cache file contains the SHA-1 value that is assigned to all uploaded media when a .torrent file is created and uploaded to the distribution websites. The SHA-1 value is that of the whole file when it was originally uploaded.This is verified once the item has been downloaded to ensure that the right and complete item has been downloaded.
•Download.dat: This database file contains all the names, identification SHA-1 values of all the files and media downloaded by the user using FrostWire v.5. This can be used to identify what was downloaded when the actual physical items are no longer on the machine.
•Fileurns.cache & Fileurns.bak: These two files essentially contain the same information. When a download is started the software logs the SHA-1 value of the file to ensure that the completed file is downloaded. The SHA-1 value can be used to identify whether a certain item matched the online version of the said file.
•FrostWire.props: This property file contains the selection made by the user upon installation. Here you can determine what changes have been made to the default settings of FrostWire v.5.
•Hostiles.txt: This contains a log of all subnet Masks currently running on the FrostWire v.5 network.
•Library.dat: This database is of all media that is saved by the user to the FrostWire v.5 library, even if it was not physically downloaded onto the machine.

Identifying Searches Done Using FrostWire v.5:
When a user searches for a specific item to download, that search is stored in various places on the local machine:

1.[root]/$Logfile: Contains the search term searched for, where it was found along with the SHA-1 identification hash value.
2.[root]/ProgramData/Microsoft/Search/Data/Applications/Windows/GatherLogs/SystemIndex/SystemIndex.gthr: The header information contained within this gather log, is the search term and how the system and the software communicated.This information is gathered by the two tracing protocols mentioned early Rasapi 32 and RASMANCS.
3.[root]users/xxx/.FrostWire/search_db.h2.db :This is the database that FrostWire v.5 uses to record all searches done by the users.The information recorded is the following:

i. URL Details, where the .torrent file is residing.
ii. The search term searched.
iii. The magnet link and corresponding SHA-1 hash value.
iv. The creation date in Unix that .torrent tracker was created.
4.[root]users/xxx/.FrostWire/search_db/search_db/_28.tii: This is the actual entry in the database for each search term done by the user.This contained what the search term was and the corresponding file ID.
5.[root]users/xxx/.FrostWire/search_db_searchdb__28.tis:This is a record of the search results for the particular search term, meaning that for every .tii file a corresponding .tis file can be found.

Examining a .torrent File and the Artifacts Found:

The file header for .torrent files in hex is:

0x64 38 3A 61 6E 6E 6F 6F 63 65 35 39 (As viewed in hex)

d8:announce59 (As viewed in text)

Contained in this .torrent file is the following information:
File Meaning The website that the .torrent file was uploaded to and stored on
2710 The initial port used to communicate to the website initially. The IP address communicated with along with the port used for downloading.
1238229350 Unix creation date of the torrent.
Linux Books The name of the item downloaded.
31C8D8C7748C9CC8090C4C2A Identification SHA-1 hash value.

The registry keys SOFTWARE, SECURITY,SYSTEM and the Ntuser.dat were examined and the following artifacts or changes were identified:

1.HKEY/LOCAL MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Current Version: (These changes can be seen in the NTUSER.DAT as well)
This contained the following relevant information of the software FrostWire v.5:
i. Display Name
ii. Publisher
iii. Help Link
iv. URL
v. URL Info
vi. Display Version
vii. Uninstall Command
This contained the following relevant information of the software FrostWire v.5:
i. FrostWire Toolbar
ii. FrostWire.exe files location.
This contained the following relevant information of the software FrostWire v.5:

i.The executable command used to access and run FrostWire v.5.


This contained the following relevant information of the software FrostWire v.5:

i.This contains two tracing mechanisms that Microsoft uses to manage and monitor software, which is the Rasapi 32 command and the RASMANCS command. The information saved is saved in [root]/ProgramData/Microsoft/Search/Data/Applications/Windows/GatherLogs/SystemIndex/SystemIndex.gthr:

For FrostWire v.5 to be able to function, a change has to be made within how the system operates:

i.When installing FrostWire v.5, the software automatically change the FireWall policy to create an exception to allow communication from FrostWire v.5 and the downloading servers, thus bypassing the firewall completely.
No changes could be identified within this registry key.


FTK Imager

Jump List AppIDs (Windows 7) – File Sharing/P2P, FTP, IRC, IM/Communications, Usenet Newsreaders, System Cleaners

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Dan P (@4n6k)

Artifact Name
Jump List AppIDs (Windows 7) – File Sharing/P2P, FTP, IRC, IM/Communications, Usenet Newsreaders, System Cleaners

Windows 7, Jump Lists

The Jump List is essentially a new feature of the Windows 7 taskbar that allows quick access to recently viewed/opened/played or most frequently viewed/opened/played files. It also allows quick access to common tasks within each application. Each application has a little square of its own in the taskbar.

When the application performs certain actions (opening a file, right-clicking the application taskbar square, etc.), two types of files are created:

– *.automaticDestinations-ms files (in

– *.customDestinations-ms files (in

***Note: these directories are hidden***

You have to type in the full path in the address bar to see their contents). The ‘*’ in the above examples is where the Application (AppID) is represented. For the most part, the Windows operating system calculates the AppID of an application. Knowing an application’s AppID can help identify any given application when user activity is of great importance in an investigation.

e0f7a40340179171 imule 1.4.5 (rev. 749) installs to .exe loc AirDC++ 2.10
76f6f1bd18c19698 aMule 2.2.6
cb5250eaef7e3213 ApexDC++
bfc1d76f16fa778f Ares (Galaxy) 1.8.4 / 1.9.8 / 2.1.0 /
depends on location Azureus 0.9.0 (portable)
accca100973ef8dc Azureus
ccb36ff8a8c03b4b Azureus / Vuze
558c5bd9f906860a BearShare Lite
e1d47cb031dafb9f BearShare / /
depends on location BitComet 0.39 (portable)
a31ec95fdd5f350f BitComet 0.49 / 0.59 / 0.69 / 0.79 / 0.89 / 0.99 / 1.07 / 1.28
bcd7ba75303acbcf BitLord 1.1
1434d6d62d64857d BitLord 1.2.0-66
e73d9f534ed5618a BitSpirit / 2.0 / / / / /
c9374251edb4c1a8 BitTornado T-0.3.17
2d61cccb4338dfc8 BitTorrent 5.0.0 / 6.0.0 / 7.2.1 (Build 25548)
ba3a45f7fd2583e1 Blubster 3.1.1
4a7e4f6a181d3d08 broolzShare
f001ea668c0aa916 Cabos 0.8.2
depends on location CzDC 0.699 (portable)
depends on location Datawire 1.3 (portable)
depends on location DC++ 0.181 (portable)
560d789a6a42ad5a DC++ 0.261 / 0.698 / 0.782 (r2402.1)
4aa2a5710da3efe0 DCSharpHub 2.0.0
2db8e25112ab4453 Deluge 1.3.3
5b186fc4a0b40504 Dtella 1.2.5 (Purdue network only)
2437d4d14b056114 EiskaltDC++ 2.2.3
b3016b8da2077262 eMule 0.50a
cbbe886eca4bfc2d ExoSee 1.0.0
9ad1ec169bf2da7f FlylinkDC++ r405 (Build 7358)
4dd48f858b1a6ba7 Free Download Manager 3.0 (Build 852)
depends on location Freenet (default install dir is C:\Users\$user\…)
depends on location Frost 2011-03-05 (portable)
f214ca2dd40c59c1 FrostWire 4.20.9
73ce3745a843c0a4 FrostWire 5.1.4
98b0ef1c84088 fulDC 6.78
e6ea77a1d4553872 Gnucleus
ed49e1e6ccdba2f5 GNUnet 0.8.1a
cc4b36fbfb69a757 gtk-gnutella 0.97
a746f9625f7695e8 HeXHub 5.07
223bf0f360c6fea5 I2P 0.8.8 (restartable)
2ff9dc8fb7e11f39 I2P 0.8.8 (no window)
???????????????? [i2p] i2phex
f1a4c04eebef2906 [i2p] Robert 0.0.29 Preferences
???????????????? [i2p] Rufus 0.0.4
c8e4c10e5460b00c iMesh
f61b65550a84027e iMesh
d460280b17628695 Java Binary
depends on location Jucy DC (portable)
784182360de0c5b6 Kazaa Lite 1.7.1
a75b276f6e72cf2a Kazaa Lite Tools K++ 2.7.0
ba132e702c0147ef KCeasy 0.19-rc1
a8df13a46d66f6b5 Kommute (Calypso) 0.24
depends on location LamaHub (portable)
c5ef839d8d1c76f4 LimeWire 5.2.13
977a5d147aa093f4 Lphant 3.51
96252daff039437a Lphant
e76a4ef13fbf2bb1 Manolito 3.1.1
99c15cf3e6d52b61 mldonkey 3.1.0
ff224628f0e8103c Morpheus
depends on location MUTE File Sharing 0.5.1 (portable)
See Java Binary ID Nodezilla Agent 0.5.15 – built in Java
depends on location Perfect Dark 0.883 / 0.940 / 1.06 / 1.07 (all
See Java Binary ID Phex 3.4.2 (Build 116) – built in Java
792699a1373f1386 Piolet 3.1.1
ca1eb46544793057 RetroShare 0.5.2a (Build 4550)
3cf13d83b0bd3867 RevConnect 0.674p (based on DC++)
depends on location PtokaX DC Hub (portable)
depends on location RSX++ 1.21 (portable)
5e01ecaf82f7d8e Scour Exchange
depends on location StrongDC++ 2.42 (portable)
depends on location TkDC++ 1.3 (portable)
5d7b4175afdcc260 Shareaza
b48ce76eda60b97 Shareaza
23f08dab0f6aaf30 SoMud 1.3.3
135df2a440abe9bb SoulSeek 156c
ecd21b58c2f65a2f StealthNet
5ea2a50c7979fbdc TrustyFiles
depends on location uTorrent 1.1.1-dev (Build 110) / 1.3.0 / 1.5.0 (all portable)
cd8cafb0fb6afdab uTorrent 1.7.7 (Build 8179) / 1.8.5 / 2.0 / 2.21 (Build 25113) / 3.0 (Build 25583)
a75b276f6e72cf2a WinMX 3.53
490c000889535727 WinMX
depends on location Winny 2.0b7.1 – all languages (portable)
depends on location xHub (portable)
depends on location YnHub 1.036.152 (portable)
ac3a63b839ac9d3a Vuze

d28ee773b2cea9b2 3D-FTP 9.0 build 7
cd2acd4089508507 AbsoluteTelnet 9.18 Lite
e6ef42224b845020 ALFTP
9e0b3f677a26bbc4 BitKinex 3.2.3
4cdf7858c6673f4b Bullet Proof FTP 1.26
714b179e552596df Bullet Proof FTP 2.4.0 (Build 31)
20ef367747c22564 Bullet Proof FTP 2010.75.0.75
44a50e6c87bc012 Classic FTP Plus 2.15
4fceec8e021ac978 CoffeeCup Free FTP
8deb27dfa31c5c2a CoffeeCup Free FTP 4.4 (Build 1904)
49b5edbd92d8cd58 FTP Commander 8.02
6a316aa67a46820b Core FTP LE 1.3c (Build 1437) / 2.2 (Build 1689)
be4875bb3e0c158f CrossFTP 1.75a
c04f69101c131440 CuteFTP 5.0 (Build
a79a7ce3c45d781 CuteFTP 7.1 (Build 06.06.2005.1)
59e86071b87ac1c3 CuteFTP 8.3 (Build
d8081f151f4bd8a5 CuteFTP 8.3 Lite (Build
3198e37206f28dc7 CuteFTP 8.3 Professional (Build
f82607a219af2999 Cyberduck 4.1.2 (Build 8999)
fa7144034d7d083d Directory Opus (JL tasks supported)
f91fd0c57c4fe449 ExpanDrive 2.1.0
8f852307189803b8 Far Manager 2.0.1807
226400522157fe8b FileZilla Server 0.9.39 beta
a1d19afe5a80f80 FileZilla 2.2.32
e107946bb682ce47 FileZilla 3.5.1
b7cb1d1c1991accf FlashFXP 4.0.0 (Build 1548)
8628e76fd9020e81 Fling File Transfer Plus 2.24
27da120d7e75cf1f pbFTPClient 6.1
f64de962764b9b0f FTPRush 1.1.3 / 2.15
10f5a20c21466e85 FTP Voyager
7937df3c65790919 FTP Explorer 10.5.19 (Build 001)
9560577fd87cf573 LeechFTP 1.3 (Build 207)
fc999f29bc5c3560 Robo-FTP 3.7.9
c99ddde925d26df3 Robo-FTP 3.7.9 CronMaker
4b632cf2ceceac35 Robo-FTP Server 3.2.5
3a5148bf2288a434 Secure FTP 2.6.1 (Build 20101209.1254)
435a2f986b404eb7 SmartFTP 4.0.1214.0 explorer integrated Swish
e42a8e0f4d9b8dcf Sysax FTP Automation 5.15
b8c13a5dd8c455a2 Titan FTP Server 8.40 (Build 1338)
7904145af324576e Total Commander 7.56a (Build 16.12.2010)
79370f660ab51725 UploadFTP
6a8b377d0f5cb666 WinSCP 2.3.0 (Build 146)
9a3bdae86d5576ee WinSCP 3.2.1 (Build 174) / 3.8.0 (Build 312)
6bb54d82fa42128d WinSCP 4.3.4 (Build 1428)
b6267f3fcb700b60 WiseFTP 4.1.0
a581b8002a6eb671 WiseFTP 5.5.9
2544ff74641b639d WiseFTP 6.1.5
c54b96f328bdc28d WiseFTP 7.3.0 Web-based WS_FTP

b3965c840bf28ef4 AIM 4.8.2616
1b29f0dc90366bb AIM 5.9.3857
27ececd8d89b6767 AIM / /
6f647f9488d7a AIM (custom AppID + JL support)
ca942805559495e9 aMSN 0.98.4
c6f7b5bf1b9675e4 BitWise IM 1.7.3a
fb1f39d1f230480a Bopup Messenger (all languages: en,du,fr,ger,rus,es)
dc64de6c91c18300 Brosix Communicator 3.1.3 (Build 110719 nid 1)
f09b920bfb781142 Camfrog 4.0.47 / 5.5.0 / 6.1 (build 146) (JL support)
ebd8c95d87f25154 Carrier 2.5.5
depends on location Coccinella Messenger 0.96.20 (portable)
30d23723bdd5d908 Digsby (Build 30140) (JL support)
728008617bc3e34b eM Client 3.0.10206.0
689319b6547cda85 emesene 2.11.7
454ef7dca3bb16b2 Exodus
cca6383a507bac64 Gadu-Gadu
4278d3dc044fc88a Gaim 1.5.0
777483d3cdac1727 Gajim 0.14.4
6aa18a60024620ae GCN 2.9.1
3f2cd46691bbee90 GOIM 1.1.0
73c6a317412687c2 Google Talk
b0236d03c0627ac4 ICQ 5.1 / ICQLite Build 1068
a5db18f617e28a51 ICQ 6.5 (Build 2024)
2417caa1f2a881d4 ICQ 7.6 (Build 5617)
recognized VM inSpeak
989d7545c2b2e7b2 IMVU 465.8.0.0
a3e0d98f5653b539 Instantbird 1.0 (20110623121653) (JL support)
bcc705f705d8132b Instan-t 5.2 (Build 2824)
6059df4b02360af Kadu 0.10.0 /
c312e260e424ae76 Mail.Ru Agent 5.8 (JL support)
22cefa022402327d Meca Messenger
depends on location Mercury Messenger (portable)
86b804f7a28a3c17 Miranda IM 0.6.8 / 0.7.6 / 0.8.27 / 0.9.9 / 0.9.29 (ANSI + Unicode)
b868d9201b866d96 Microsoft Lync 4.0.7577.0
8c816c711d66a6b5 MSN Messenger 6.2.0137 / 7.0.0820
depends on location MSNPSharp (portable)
2d1658d5dc3cbe2d MySpaceIM 1.0.823.0 Beta
bf9ae1f46bd9c491 Nimbuzz 2.0.0 (rev 6266)
fb7ca8059b8f2123 ooVoo
efb08d4e11e21ece Paltalk Messenger 10.0 (Build 409)
4f24a7b84a7de5a6 Palringo 2.6.3 (r45983)
e93dbdcede8623f2 Pandion 2.6.106
aedd2de3901a77f4 Pidgin 2.0.0 / 2.10.0 / 2.7.3
c5236fd5824c9545 PLAYXPERT
dee18f19c7e3a2ec PopNote 5.21
1a60b1067913516a Psi 0.14
e0532b20aa26a0c9 QQ International 1.1 (2042)
3c0022d9de573095 QuteCom 2.2
93b18adf1d948fa3 qutIM 0.2
e0246018261a9ccc qutIM
2aa756186e21b320 RealTimeQuery 3.2
521a29e5d22c13b4 Skype / / / / Skype / /
70b52cf73249257 Sococo
d41746b133d17456 Tkabber 0.11.1
c8aa3eaee3d4343d Trillian 0.74 / 3.1 / / (JL support)
d7d647c92cd5d1e6 uTalk 2.6.4 r47692
36c36598b08891bf Vovox
884fd37e05659f3a VZOchat 6.3.5
3461e4d1eb393c9c WTW /
f2cb1c38ab948f58 X-Chat 1.8.10 / 2.6.9 / 2.8.9
4e0ac37db19cba15 Xfire 1.138 (Build 44507)
da7e8de5b8273a0f Yahoo Messenger /
62dba7fb39bb0adc Yahoo Messenger / / /
fb230a9fe81e71a8 Yahoo Messenger
b06a975b62567622 Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1235.0517 BETA
bd249197a6faeff2 Windows Live Messenger 2011

b223c3ffbc0a7a42 Bersirc 2.2.14
c01d68e40226892b ClicksAndWhistles 2.7.146
ac8920ed05001800 DMDirc 0.6.5 (Profile store: C:\Users\$user\AppData\Roaming\DMDirc\)
d3530c5294441522 HydraIRC 0.3.165
8904a5fd2d98b546 IceChat 7.70 20101031
6b3a5ce7ad4af9e4 IceChat 9 RC2
fa496fe13dd62edf KVIrc / 4.0.4
65f7dd884b016ab2 LimeChat 2.39
19ccee0274976da8 mIRC 4.72 / 5.61
ae069d21df1c57df mIRC 6.35 / 7.19
e30bbea3e1642660 Neebly 1.0.4
54c803dfc87b52ba Nettalk 6.7.12
dd658a07478b46c2 PIRCH98
depends on location Quassel IRC 0.7.1 (portable)
6fee01bd55a634fe Smuxi
2a5a615382a84729 X-Chat 2 2.8.6-2

ace8715529916d31 40tude Dialog (Beta 38)
cc76755e0f925ce6 AllPicturez 1.2
36f6bc3efe1d99e0 Alt.Binz 0.25.0 (Build 27.09.2007)
d53b52fb65bde78c Android Newsgroup Downloader 6.2
c845f3a6022d647c Another File 2.03 (Build 2/7/2004)
780732558f827a42 AutoPix 5.3.3
baea31eacd87186b BinaryBoy 1.97 (Build 55)
eab25958dbddbaa4 Binary News Reaper 2 (Beta
bf483b423ebbd327 Binary Vortex 5.0
36801066f71b73c5 Binbot 2.0
13eb0e5d9a49eaef Binjet 3.0.2
8172865a9d5185cb Binreader 1.0 (Beta 1)
6224453d9701a612 BinTube (requires VLC 10.5!)
cf6379a9a987366e Digibin 1.31
43886ba3395acdcc Easy Post 3.0
cfab0ec14b6f953 Express NewsPictures 2.41 (Build
7526de4a8b5914d9 Forte Agent 6.00 (Build 32.1186)
c02baf50d02056fc FotoVac 1.0
3ed70ef3495535f7 Gravity 3.0.4
86781fe8437db23e Messenger Pro
f920768fe275f7f4 Grabit 1.5.3 Beta (Build 909) / 1.6.2 (Build 940) / 1.7.2 Beta 4 (Build 997)
9f03ae476ad461fa GroupsAloud 1.0
d0261ed6e16b200b News File Grabber
8211531a7918b389 Newsbin Pro 6.00 (Build 1019) (JL support)
d1fc019238236806 Newsgroup Commander Pro 9.05
186b5ccada1d986b NewsGrabber 3.0.36
4d72cfa1d0a67418 Newsgroup Image Collector
92f1d5db021cd876 NewsLeecher 4.0 / 5.0 Beta 6
d7666c416cba240c NewsMan Pro
7b2b4f995b54387d News Reactor 20100224.16
cb984e3bc7faf234 NewsRover 17.0 (Rev.0)
c98ab5ccf25dda79 NewsShark 2.0
dba909a61476ccec NewsWolf 1.41
2b164f512891ae37 NewsWolf NSListGen
cb1d97aca3fb7e6b Newz Crawler 1.9.0 (Build 4100)
3be7b307dfccb58f NiouzeFire
de76415e0060ce13 Noworyta News Reader 2.9
cd40ead0b1eb15ab NNTPGrab 0.6.2
d5c02fc7afbb3fd4 NNTPGrab 0.6.2 Server
a4def57ee99d77e9 Nomad News 1.43
3f97341a65bac63a Ozum 6.07 (Build 6070)
bfe841f4d35c92b1 QuadSucker/News 5.0 web-based sabnzbd 0.6.8
d3c5cf21e86b28af SeaMonkey 2.3.3
7a7c60efd66817a2 Spotnet 1.7.4
eb3300e672136bc7 Stream Reactor 1.0 Beta 9 (uses VLC!)
3168cc975b354a01 Slypheed 3.1.2 (Build 1120)
776beb1fcfc6dfa5 Thunderbird 1.0.6 (20050716) / 3.0.2
3d877ec11607fe4 Thunderbird 6.0.2
7192f2de78fd9e96 TIFNY 5.0.3
9dacebaa9ac8ca4e TLNews Newsreader 2.2.0 (Build 2430)
7fd04185af357bd5 UltraLeeacher / 1.8 Beta (Build 3490)
aa11f575087b3bdc Unzbin 2.6.8 pay only Usenet Explorer 3.3 (pay)
d7db75db9cdd7c5d Xnews 5.04.25

System Cleaners
ed7a5cc3cca8d52a CCleaner 1.32.345 / 1.41.544 / 2.36.1233 / 3.10.1525
eb7e629258d326a1 WindowWasher

File Locations
– *.automaticDestinations-ms files (in %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\automaticDestinations)
– *.customDestinations-ms files (in %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\customDestinations)

Research Links

Other Info
This is the second batch of AppIDs. Please check out the original blog
post for which this information was gathered. It provides additional
information and a nice layout for the AppIDs.