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Firefox Profile Path (Linux)

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Author Name

Artifact Name
Firefox Profile Path

Operating System

Location of Firefox profile and related information on a *nix system

File Locations
~/.mozilla/firefox/[random 8 character string].default

Research Links (added by Joe)

Forensic Programs of Use
FoxAnalysis: (added by Joe)

Tomboy Notes (Ubuntu)

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Author Name
Joe Garcia

Artifact Name
Tomboy .note file

Artifact/Program Version
Ubuntu (Tested on 10.04, Lucid Lynx)

Tomboy is the default “Sticky Note” application installed with Ubuntu. You can find active Tomboy notes in Home/username/.local/share/tomboy. The main difference between say, Mac OS X Stickies/Windows Vista/7 sticky notes and Tomboy, is that Tomboy will archive deleted notes in Home/username/.local/share/tomboy/Backup. These .note files can be read with any text editor.

File Locations
Active Tomboy Notes: Home/username/.local/share/tomboy
Deleted Tomboy Notes: Home/username/.local/share/tomboy/Backup

Research Links
Ubuntu Linux Distribution:
Tomboy Homepage:

Forensic Programs of Use
Gedit (Text Editor):
(Any Text or Hex Editor will work though)

Other Info
Make sure to check out my SANS Forensics & Incident Response Blog post regarding these and other “Sticky Notes” applications here.

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