Mac OS X Autorun Locations

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  Mac OS X Autorun Locations
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  Apple, OSX, System
Artifact Description
  These artifacts refer to autorun programs and daemons that run at system startup.
File Locations
  Launch Agents files
– ‘/Library/LaunchAgents/*’
– ‘/System/Library/LaunchAgents/*’

Launch Daemons files
– ‘/Library/LaunchDaemons/*’
– ‘/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/*’

Startup Items file
– ‘/Library/StartupItems/*’
– ‘/System/Library/StartupItems/*’

Research Links
Any Other Information
  These artefacts are collected under the ma4n6 project, aiming at being single point of collection for OSX artifacts from where such locations are later shared via:
– yaml library

So that the effort is made only once, and the output reused everywhere.

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