Cloud-based Forensic Artifacts: TeamDrive

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Author Name
Frank McClain

Artifact Name
Client Application Artifacts

Artifact/Program Version
TeamDrive 2.4

Synchronize files to the cloud and other designated computers. Backup functionality provided through automated synchronization to cloud. Rather than sharing, provides for collaboration on files. Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Can sync to their cloud, or your own server.

A sample of artifacts from the installation and use of TeamDrive 2.4 on a system. This is not exhaustive, but intended to serve as an example of the types of evidence/data that can be found.

Registry Keys
\Software\Trolltech\OrganizationDefaults\Qt Factory Cache 4.7\com.trolltech.Qt.QTextCodecFactoryInterface:\C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamDrive2.0

File Locations
Application Data Files: AppData\Roaming\TeamDrive

Application Executable Files: Program Files (x86)\TeamDrive2.0\ – TeamDrive2.exe, TeamDrive2Database.exe

Sync/Backup Files: %User%\TeamDrive Spaces

Files of Interest

WebDAVSettings.xml, DirWatcher_log.log, FileWatcher_log.log, log.log,, general_log.CSV, slow_log.CSV, db.opt, username_TeamDrive_13.05.2012.pss, Default_username.sakh, desktop.ini, target.lnk

Research Links

Forensic Programs of Use
ProcessHacker –
CurrPorts –
Wireshark –
FileInfo –
RegShot –
Registry Decoder –
NetWitness Investigator –
Notepad++ –
SQLiteDBBrowser –
HxD –
HEX Editor –
Encoder –
DCode –
DbVisualizer –
TrID –
File –


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