State of the Artifacts: August

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First of all, thank you very much to all those that supported us through our launch this month. We greatly appreciate all the feedback and suggestions we have received.

While we are just starting out and have only posted twelve artifacts to date, we have received a great following and are looking forward to consistently adding content. Please consider sharing your expertise and submitting an artifact or two.

In the just under three weeks that the site has been active, we have received 5000 pageviews, have 82 RSS subscribers (according to Google Webmaster Tools), and have 79 followers on our Twitter feed.

The top five viewed artifacts this month were:

— Computer Name
— Skype
— App_Paths
— CurrentControlSet
— ShowHiddenFolders

The top five searches for artifacts (from both entry keyword and on-site searches) were:

— Google Desktop Search
— acmru
— plist
— prefetch

As the site is populated with more content these statistics will be much more interesting. For instance, there was some search activity for DLLs around the time the DLL exploit went wild. With additional content, we may be able to see search trends based on what malware is popular at the moment and what artifacts it might affect.

Hit submit and help the mission!

Thanks again to everyone who has helped with site and offered words of encouragement.

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Officer Mike Whitlow

January 30, 2011


Your site rocks! I am a police officer and computer geek. You are set to my default page. Keep up the great work!

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